Learning to Sew - a guide to using fabric if you are a beginner

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Learning to Sew - a guide to using fabric if you are a beginner

What fabric should you use to sew if you are a beginner?

There are many types of fabric. Some are easy to work with and some are more difficult.

As a beginner, you should work with fabric that is easy to manage. Such as:

✔️Cotton - best for Beginners
✔️Lawn (a type of cotton) - it is very easy to work with, both during cutting and sewing.
✔️Georgette (Very lightweight and hangs nicely, It is one of my favorite types of fabric.) It is easy to work with, but you need to iron it to keep the folds in place.

Fabrics you should avoid if you are a beginner:
 Stretch fabrics

Use your iron for best results, but be careful not to burn the fabric.

Written by Kokab Rahman

For more sewing tips:

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