Manual knitting machine for children

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Let your child have fun with this knitting toy while at the same time learn new skills.

Your child can use it to knit all kinds of things like sweater, scarf, and hat. It is easy to use.

As your child creates handmade items with this, his/her creativity, sense of achievement, and confidence will increase.


  • stimulate children's interest in new things
  • Increase innovation and creative thinkers
  • improve child's coordination ability and imagination 
  • Enhance interaction and cooperation among children
  • promote children's language ability

Parental guidance required. The toy should be kept out of reach of small children except when in use.

Use thin to medium wool. Avoid thick wool.

Contents: Knitting machine, 2 Wool Threads +2 Plastic Crochet Hook

Color may differ from that shown


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