Custom Career Guidance

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Custom Career Guidance

Say goodbye to the days of struggling to find jobs. With Custom Career Guidance you can get help in choosing a career path that is in line with your goals and interests; streamline your profile and career history to portray the right image; have a portfolio that show your potential and abilities; have a custom made resume and cover letter that efficiently convey your skills.


With this service, you can:

💥 Say goodbye to a career you don’t love

💥 Identify your ideal career path to increase job satisfaction

💥 Get advice on types of jobs and organizations you should target for a more rewarding career 

💥 Streamline your career history and profile to match your chosen career path

💥 Be able to get jobs more quickly by conveying the information hiring managers are looking for

💥 Get a higher salary by conveying your skills more effectively


Package includes:

  1. Custom CV ($299 value)
  2. Custom Cover Letter Writing ($199 Value)
  3. Template Cover Letter (free bonus) ($99 value)
  4. Portfolio Preparation ($349 value)
  5. Personalized Consultation to Help You Select and Plan Your Ideal Career Path  ($500 value)


Over two weeks, we will help you identify your ideal career path and prepare your profile so you can be successful in your job search. 

Includes 1 free strategy call where we discuss your goals and identify the right path for you.


Our Guarantee: Your satisfaction with the service 100% guaranteed or your money back!