Monthly Job Leads

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Monthly Job Leads

Get 3-5* job leads or more per month for the next three months.


✅ Apply to jobs that match your qualifications.

✅ Say goodbye to long frustrating hours searching for jobs.

✅ Get jobs delivered to your email inbox.


Allow us to do the job search for you. Our expert recruitment consultants find jobs that match your qualifications and send them to you.

All you have to do is apply.


*This is the minimum number of Job Leads guaranteed. We regularly send out more Job Leads, even sometimes up to ten highly promising job leads to clients, so the number of job leads will vary.


Job search is difficult and requires time and effort.

Have you spent hours looking for jobs only to get no results?

Do you get confused knowing whether a job is right for you?

Do you wish someone could do the job search for you and tell you what jobs to apply to so you can get it over with?

Our consultants are expert at locating jobs. Allow us to do the job search for you so you can relax and just focus on making sure your application is perfect instead of becoming tired with searching for jobs.


How it works:

When you sign up for the service, we will check your profile and identify suitable jobs. Within 3-5 days, you will get informed of your first job lead.


Thereafter, we will send you Job Leads for the next three months (3-5 job leads per month, minimum 10 job leads.)

Each job will match your qualifications and specifications for types of jobs you are interested in.


If your time is valuable for you, then you will want Monthly Job Leads.

Monthly Job Leads takes the frustration out of Job Search.


How is Monthly Job Leads different from computerized job alerts at job sites?

Computerized alerts at recruitment and job sites don’t work because they are sent to thousands of people at once. To be successful in getting those jobs, you have to compete with thousands and tens of thousands of other individuals. By the time you apply for a job, thousands of other people have already applied.

On the other hand, Monthly Job Leads sends unique jobs to each person. The job lead you receive is never sent to another person. Therefore, you are competing with fewer people.

In addition, we focus on jobs not publicly advertised, increasing your chances of getting the job.



Make sure your resumé and other documents are efficient so you can be successful in your job search. If you require professional resumé writing, contact us. (Sold separately.)



This service is for you if you have a hard time finding suitable vacancies to apply to.

Disclaimer: we do not guarantee you will find a job through this service. We do guarantee you will get quality job leads to apply to. 

Jobs we refer are guaranteed to be at reputed local and international organizations, valid vacancies, and not require any payment or fees from you.

We will never refer you to recruitment agencies or job sites. We will direct you to the actual hiring company.





*Our Services only available for Islamically allowed professions. Disallowed professions (we don’t work with) include:

  • Working with interest based loans service 
  • Working in a bar, disco, cinema, night club, and the like
  • Working as a dancer, musician, or music / dance teacher 
  • Selling or producing alcohol, cigarettes, or other addictive / intoxicant drugs
  • Selling or working with any other Islamically forbidden products or services 
  • Selling or producing portraits, paintings or sculptures of living things

If in doubt, please verify that your profession is allowed by emailing