Career Direction for High Achieving Professionals

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Imagine having ten thousand higher salary? A job you love. Getting jobs fast and easily. Being headhunted for your talents. Do you have the skills and potential for it? Do you want to unearth hidden talent and the possibilities that come with it?

This is for you if you...

💥 are unhappy with your current career situation or need help identifying the right direction for you;

💥 feel you deserve better and want to streamline your career;

💥 need help in identifying your ideal career path - the career path you are enthusiastic about, is in line with your goals and interests, and has greater demand*;

💥 want to increase your chances of getting the right job;

💥 want to identify key skills that increase your worth;

💥 want to increase your earning potential;

💥 are serious about your career and will do what it takes to reach your goals.


Through Career Direction for High Achieving Professionals, you can:

  • Get help to identify the career you are passionate about: $500 value
  • Optimize your career path for a specialized position that improves employment chances and sets you apart from the competition: $1000 value
  • Increase your worth by clearly defining your skills and focusing on key performance skills: $500 value
  • Increase salary potential by focusing on in-demand key performance skills: $1000 value
  • Salary Valuations - Be enlightened to the right salary for you based on your skills, abilities, and chosen career line: $497 value
  • Position yourself so you can be eligible for high value  jobs with organizations that appreciate your skills: $500 value
  • Identify further training options to help you reach your goals. We work with you to help you identify the right training opportunities based on your interests, career goals, and the market demand in your industry so you can progress in the right direction in your career: $1000 value
  • Get customized relocation career advice: $2000 value 
  • Have access to Bonus Lifetime Basic Career Advice: $1000 value 
  • Have the service customized to your individual needs. (Depending on your individual needs, the actual service you receive may differ from the above outline and contain a different set of items.)

Total Value: $7997 but when you act now, you can get the full package at the special price.


This service will help you identify your ideal career path based on your skills, experience, and career aspirations; provide guidance regarding key performance skills to focus on and training and certifications to acquire; conduct a salary valuation and guide you on what salary range you can expect based on your skills, experience, and the job you are fit for; and guide you on how to position yourself to get quality jobs with organizations that value your skills.

Over three weeks*, we will work with you to help you identify the right career path and start on the path to a life you love. We will go in-depth into your career needs and provide you with the guidance to be clear on your career path, how to achieve your goals, and reach your goals.

*includes up to 3 strategy calls where we discuss your career needs and goals and identify the right strategy for you.

The service is customized to your individual needs so actual package may differ from that outlined here in order to help you reach your goals. Your satisfaction 100% guaranteed.


Results guaranteed:

For more than 5 years we have been helping clients start on the path to a more rewarding career. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate and our services deliver the results promised. You can expect the highest quality service and the highest standards of customer service. In more than 5 years, we have had zero complaints and zero refund requests, despite having a 100% money back guarantee.


Career Direction for High Achieving Professionals 

               🔥 improves employability

               🔥 enhances job satisfaction

               🔥 and increases lifetime earning potential


By embarking on a career you love, you can excel in your career and become a high achiever.


Benefits of being a high achiever :

🎉 your skills are in demand 

🎉 you become known for your skills

🎉 you get headhunted instead of having to look for jobs

🎉 you make more money 

🎉 job security and never having the fear of not being able to get work


By having an optimized career and focusing on key skills, you increase your chances to get high paying jobs, within your chosen career line, with organizations that value your skills and improve your earning potential. Results guaranteed. 


Through our guidance you can know exactly 

             🔥 what career path to pursue

             🔥 what skills and training you should obtain to increase your worth and have a secure career

             🔥 what salary range you can expect based on key skills

             🔥 how to position yourself to get the job you want with organizations that value your skills!


This one of a kind service helps you take your career to the next level. Results guaranteed.


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Radeya Global is recognized as social enterprise by Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative Co-founder. Harvard Business School is the number 1 business school in the world.

Through our guidance and assistance we have helped countless professionals achieve their goals and start on the path to a highly rewarding career. By having an optimized career and focusing on key skills, you increase your chances of getting high paying jobs -  as per your chosen profession and career line - with organizations that value your skills, and improve your lifetime earning potential.


100% money back guarantee 


We have a 100% money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the service, you can get your money back, provided you give a valid reason for dissatisfaction.