CV Design Change & Update for Past Clients

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CV Design Change & Update For Past Clients  

Do you feel stuck with a resumé design you don’t like?

If your CV design is outdated or you are unhappy with it, you can get a CV design change. You can also have your CV content updated to reflect changes in your career, add new jobs, and tailor your resumé to a new job position.


CV content update uses the newer CV designs as shown (or a similar design). 


You can choose a design of your preference from those shown or email us a design you would like to use. If the file type is one we work with or we have the design on file,  and the design is appropriate for your profession, we will use it. Otherwise we will substitute a different or similar  resumé design.


  • CV Design Change & Update is only for our existing / past clients who had their CV made by us.
  • Clients who had their CV made in the last 3 months can have 1 design change free. 


To have your CV design changed / updated, choose the service package (regular or urgent) and click Add to Cart, then proceed to check out.

  • Regular service takes 5 - 10 Working days
  • Urgent service takes 2 - 3 Working days


Payment can be made through PayPal, bank transfer, or Western Union.

If paying by Western Union, make payment in US Dollars. 

  • Once payment is made and processed by Accounting, our staff will contact you to update your CV.
  • If you require urgent service, choose the URGENT option.
  • As always, you are guaranteed top quality professional service and a highly effective CV.