Washable Suitcase Protector

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If you are a frequent traveler, then you will love this luggage cover suitcase protector.

Made of high quality stretch material, the suitcase protector is dust proof and will protect your precious suitcase from scratches and wear and tear. It comes in different sizes and patterns, so you can look great with your new suitcase and at the same time protect your suitcase.

It is lightweight and dust proof.

Easy to put on and remove.

Contains zipper for easy closing and opening.

  • ❤MATERIAL:The product was made of high quality elastic fabric,so it is spandex , elastic , thick, flexible, stretch, soft,durable and lightweight.


  • SIZE: Comes in four size design : S Size:18-20 inch Suitcase cover , M Size: 22-24 inch Suitcase Cover , L Size: 26-28 inch Suitcase Cover,XL Size: 29-31 inch Suitcase Cover.


  • ❤BEAUTIFUL: Our Luggage Covers have more different color pattern, so you can have more chances to choose.And these different pattern are very beautiful for you to become special.Personalize your luggage with bright patterns and complex geometric forms .


    • ❤SPEACIALLY:They are fashionable and practical. Exclusive creative design for you, which is FOR U DESIGNS.



    Material: high quality elastic fabric
    Size: S Size:18-20 inch Suitcase cover , M Size: 22-24 inch Suitcase Cover , L Size: 26-28 inch ,XL Size: 29-31 inch,Suitcase Cover.
    Color: different beautiful patterns (as shown)


    ☂ It will definitely do a wonderful job to protect your new suitcase from scratches on airport rough transportation.
    ☂Specially equipped with elastic spandex material and sealing zipper You can enjoy your travel and to stand out in the crowd.
    ☂Three size luggage covers to choose from; six kinds of patterns for your choice.
    ☂Hand wash with soapy water, machine washable is ok.Easy to install and take off.
    ☂Stretchy,easily fit closely and remove to the luggage cases .Can protect your baby suitcase from any painting, scratch, dirt and dust.
    Size: 20inch/22inch/24inch/26inch
    S 18-20" Size: approx:48x37x24cm (18.9x14.5x9.4inch) (L x W x T )
    M 22-24" Size: approx:52x40x26cm (20.4x15.7x10.2inch) (L x W x T )
    L 26-28" Size: approx:57x44x28cm (22.4x17.3x11inch) (L x W x T )
    28-31" Size: approx:62x48x30cm (24.4x18.9x11.8inch) (L x W x T )

    What you get:

    1* Luggage Suitcase cover


    1.Fits most brand suitcases perfectly. Since some brand suitcases may have different designs, if you have any question regarding shape or fit, pls contact us prior to purchasing.
    2. Suitcase not included.